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  • 我对其他文化的兴趣

    I love to make friends around the world . I would love here your experiences and culture . I am open minded . I can share my experiences with you all :) I love to read books and spending time with small kids . I love visit poland , German , Netherland, italy ,china , USA and UK . that people are so good and i love their cultures too . i love snail mail and email :) its so interesting to make new friends and share my experiences with them .

  • 我是……的专家

    I am Aadhil . I am an Engineering technology high school student . I love to read books . I love to make friends all around the world . if you interested in chating with me , please send me a message :)
    and i am Expert at , making people laugh , without reason X)

  • 我最骄傲的成就

    i made alots of new friends here . they all are so kind and very very interesting to talk . i love meet many more friends :)

  • 个人挑战

    I think studying Engineering Technology . Its so hard to study that subject :) hahaha