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  • 有什么想对世界说的

    Hi! My name is Anna, I'm 15. I'm from Ukraine. I'm learning English and German as foreign languages and I wanna prove my skills.
    My Skype: Anna Yasinchak (you can just copy it)
    I like listening to music and reading fan stories (fanfics)
    I want to learn different languages and cultures and make friends with people from different countries.

  • 我对其他文化的兴趣

    I'm not interested in religions it is very individual. But I like to learn about languages and history/culture in different countries. I also like stories about unusual holidays and celebration

  • 让世界变得更美好

    I really want people to become closer. I want all of us to understand even if we are not same we are all people living on the Earth. If you want to speak to your friend his/her religion, race, age, sex or gender doesn't matter, right? So why people hate someone they don't know about, but love their own friends?

  • 我曾去过的国家和城市

    I'm Ukrainian and I like to travel across the country. I also traveled to Turkey, Slowakei and Switzerland.
    My favourite city in Ukraine is Lviv and I liked the time I spent in Switzerland

  • 我希望人们知道更多,关于……

    I want people to know more about ecological problems on the Earth. Even if there are some other planets we can live on some decades later we must to do our best to save our native planet. We must protect it? not destroy.

  • 最喜欢的书籍/作者/电影

    If I have time to read I'd like to read a detective. Even if my day was difficult and tiring I'd like to read something difficult to take/understand. It helps me to forget about my problems and to be distracted from reality🙂

  • 过去更好

    I think many of food products were better about ten years ago then now. I remember the taste of many products from my early childhood but now when I'm eating the same food it has different taste and it's not that good and useful

  • 我总是喜欢谈论……

    About music, films and books, actors and popular celebrities
    I like to talk about very important for people questions like identity, discrimination, ecological problems, conflicts etc