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  • 我对……感到兴奋

    At the moment I am ONLY searching for people to exchange REAL LETTERS with. I am very stressed by chatting and I would wish for you to understand. THANK YOU!

  • 我是……的专家

    I am interested in science and physics.
    If you want to discuss this things just send me a message.
    I also like the topics animals, books, nature, history and music.

  • 没有障碍的事业

    I will study Physics and become a Cosmologist. I want to find out new things about quantum mechanics and theory of relativity and find a TOE. I also want to explore the sky and black holes and galaxies far away.

  • 我总是喜欢谈论……

    I always like to talk about... You😊.
    Sure my interests are my favorite topics, but I also really like to discuss things and opinions and talk about anything like hobbies or personal situations. Whatever you say, I will listen.
    Also I would really like to find friends here, so we can talk via other messengers,... .

  • 最喜欢的书籍/作者/电影

    A Brief History of Time (Stephen Hawking)
    Buddenbrooks (Thomas Mann)

    Prevolution -Planet of the Apes
    The Theory of Everything

    I like many authors, but the author is not a guarantee to get a good book.
    I also like authors which had to emigrate in 1933-1945 from Germany. These have often a great mind.
    But Stephen Hawking is best 🙂
    Every book he wrote is very good, I don't know why.

    My favorite series is TBBT.

  • 个人技能

    -knowledge about physics, maths
    -knowledge about common things
    -solving problems
    -solving tasks very fast
    -playing guitar
    -taking care of and dealing with all kinds of animals
    -shooting with a bow or a gun

  • 我最近学会了……

    I just started to learn the arabic language.
    It's very interesting. And difficult.
    If you have any helpful advice, just write me a message.
    Also I learned about literature.

  • 有什么想对世界说的

    Always believe in yourself and your dreams.
    Without that life is really hard.

  • 我最骄傲的成就

    Surviving education system.

  • 生命中的遗憾

    Many things.
    But I heard that in the end the things you didn't do are worse than the things you did. Even if the result isn't such a good one, you were brave and curious. And that are some of the most important things in the world.

  • 10年后

    In ten years I am 27 years old and I am hopefully working on my promotion.
    And I will have many fish.

  • 我曾去过的国家和城市

    I have been in Germany, the UK, Poland, Spain and the Czech Republic.

  • 个人挑战

    For me it is hard to be in social interactions. I am always confused what people are doing. About things which are 'normal' for them. So I am partly on the spectrum and that's it. Hope it won't be a problem for you and me to communicate.

  • 完善学校制度

    Common schools are some of the worst places in the world.
    They should teach acceptance and knowledge, but they don't. They don't even got this things theirselves.

  • 我的与众不同之处

    I am me. What makes me unique? Contact me and find out.
    For me I am normal. That means I am not special. So only you can tell me why I am special.

  • 我对未来的感想

    I think that the humans will die in the future, but I am not sure about the reasons for it. Also I am not looking forward to my future because I am often scared/afraid of it.

  • 我感到担心……

    Because people are stupid and killing others, discriminate against others, destroy the nature, do not accept knowledge and the truth.

    Things I am personally afraid of are social situations and unsteady days and my future.

  • 在国外居住一年

    I have not planned to do this, but if I would, I would like to live in the UK, in Spain or in the US.
    But I would prefer the UK; I really like the country and the lifestyle.

    In the UK I would like to be at the Cambridge University.

  • 我对其他文化的兴趣

    I am interested in all cultures. Tell about your cultural backround and I will listen.

  • 过去更好

    When I was younger/ a child I was always surrounded by people loving me. I did not know about the world. I was living in my own world and I did not know and I also did not care about being different from the others.

  • 一个诀窍或建议

    People can be cruel. Do not care what they think about you and accept you as you are. If you do not accept being you, it is hard to achieve happiness.

  • 高估或低估

    Coronavirus. It is a good example.

  • 我对人性的看法

    I think that basically every human has a chance to be a good individual.

  • 让世界变得更美好

    People should be nice and should help people who are not like the majority.

  • 父母和我

    The thing we are not the same opinion is what it means to be a good child. I am more critical than them.

  • 童年的欢乐

    I loved being at my grandparents and being free and happy. I loved the knowledge was not a thing you had to worry about, because you could learn how much you wanted.

  • 作为一个孩子,我希望……

    I wish I could tell my younger self to be who you are and do not change for others.

  • 我希望人们知道更多,关于……

    People who are not like the majority.

  • 现在更好

    We know more things about physics. And we have new movies like Jurassic World and Planet of the Apes.