• 有什么想对世界说的

    Ciao, hello, salut, hallo! I'm an Italian girl and I would like to know people from all over the world. I started learning French and German and I like it! Ah, if you want to learn Italian I will be happy to help you!

  • 我总是喜欢谈论……

    Books, music, art, cinema. But if you want to talk about something else, that's okay!

  • 我对其他文化的兴趣

    Way of life and language are the things I'm interested in learning about other cultures. I think that language is the most important instrument to get in touch with people from other countries. I love how words sound in different languages and I'm fascinated by idiomatic expressions that make every language unique.

  • 我最近学会了……

    Better safe than sorry. I'm kidding. Actually, I have learned it a long time ago.

  • 我最骄傲的成就

    My indipendent thought. I've always wanted to be different, since I was a teenager. I' ve never cared what others think about me and I hate follow the trend. I don't like clichés, preconceived truths, labels and categories. I think that all these things are quite useless.

  • 生命中的遗憾

    The time I wasted on people who didn't deserve it.
    The things I have given up for fear or lack of confidence in myself.

  • 我是……的专家

    Odd situations. Sometimes they are sad, sometimes grotesque. They make me laugh, they make me nervous or disappointed. But's life!

  • 在国外居住一年

    New York!
    Like John Lennon said: "If I'd lived in Roman times, I'd have lived in Rome. Where else? Today America is the Roman Empire and New York is Rome itself."

  • 我的与众不同之处

    I'm shy (too much!), a little insecure, wary, fussy, realistic (sometimes pessimistic), rational (but I'm also a dreamer). I always analyze everything: I love details. Well, problably these things don't make me unique. I'm sure you're thinking I'm weird but come on...don't hesitate and text me!

  • 10年后

    I will be around the world. I think that world is too big and beautiful, so how could I stay in the same place?

  • 高估或低估

    Competition is overrated, especially in advanced societies. People are pushed to the limit and must always show they are better then others. If you fail you are worthless. I really don't understand how people can live this way, always struggling for power, money or a slap on the back. I'm not interested in participating to the rat race: there are better thinghs to do and for sure I won't waste my life on an endless fight.

  • 我对人性的看法

    Human being: handle with care.

  • 一个诀窍或建议

    Stay away from toxic people.

  • 让世界变得更美好

    The world would be a better place if we all stop thinking in platitudes.