meals 日常生活与习俗

How many time do you eat a day and at which hour(main meals)??:)
Here its breakfast , lunch (between 12 and 2 p.m. , or later ,it depends on the region ), there's a snack at about 4 p.m. And dinner (7,8,9,.. P.m. , here too it depends on where in italy you live):)
And where you live instead??:) thumbup1

Hi, I live in Belgium and we eat just before going to work (at around 7 o´clock). Then, perhabs we get a koffee at 10 o´clock. The lunch is between 12 and 14 o´clock and the last meal at between 16 and 18 o´clock, I think. But everyone has its own special kind of eating. I can answer only how I do it.