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which drama do you like the most?

I love "goblin" and "iron man"

Chyba After School: Lucky or Not:)

I like "Thor"

Pinocchio and mmm healer

Fei Fei

I love Strong Woman

Fei Fei

Do you have the App Viki Rakuten ??

I love Healer

Where do you look them?

I like "Reply 1988".Very nice dorama.
"Reply 1977"
"Jewel in the Palace"
"The Great Queen Seon Deok"
"The Great Sedzhon"
"Lee San-King of Chondzho"

"You're beautiful" I love this drama. It was really funny.

'the bride of water god'

'a strong woman Do Bon Sun'
'mad dog'

like so many Korean TV shows and movies that I don’t list them all!

kill me heal me
strange partner
are you human ,too