What is your favorite song? 电影,音乐,电视节目

Hi! What is your favorite song or songs? Why? Do you have some memories connected to it?

f-f-f falling (The Rasmus)
heartbreak century (Sunrise Avenue)
in the shadows (The Rasmus)
so far away ( A7X )
in my life (The Rasmus)
vampire heart (H.i.m)
hail to the king ( A7X )
don't mess with me (Poets of the fall)
cradled in love (Poets of the fall)
sleep (Poets of the fall)

Try to know reason why I love those songs

I have a lot of favorite songs

This =)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmgLOLuh6fI This is the Future by Owl City

A cultural and very powerful song in Ancient Armenian language, so even I , a native speaker, don’t understand (only a few words)
Btw, the singer is very beautiful, so it’s worth watching it ;)

I like a lot of songs, for example katty perry or maroon five

iamx-nord star. Very associated with what is happening to me now. As of recently, listen to Mechanical cabaret-illegal alien.

White rabbit - Jefferson Airplane