Mobile notifications on Android 新闻和更新

Hello all,

We are currently working on adding mobile notifications, which will only work with Android devices for now. These notifications will replace email alerts for the most part.

What will you be notified of?
- New messages
- New comments
- New likes
- New friend requests
- New posts in forum topics you subscribed to

This feature is currently opt-in only and it is in beta (which means there could still be bugs). Would you like to try it out and give your feedback? Contact me or post a reply.

Thanks! :)

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Yes that's a great idea as I had to rely on email for notifications. I'm untested in beta testing for this feature.
Thanking you,

I would like to test

You should now see a prompt at the top when browsing the site with your Android phone

Heyyy Etienne
I would test these functions 😃

I'd like to test too:)

I'd like the test too :)

You have all been added to the beta tester list

You have all been added to the beta tester list
Thnx :)

I'd like to test it too! :)

Well, when I test it I get notifications on my browser in phone but not on the app. Anyway app works good.

I think I know what you're referring to. Thanks for your feedback! A few adjustments will be released in a few days

So far a great app indeed, but for me the same with the notifications:)

So far is everything good :)

Thanks for your feedback. I'm currently traveling so I'll make improvements when I get back. :)

Biskup and lisasil94 are you still experiencing the same issue you mentioned? I can't reproduce it on my phone.

I do get notification in the app if opened, but if I close the app, it doesn't show any notifications like for instance whatsapp (for Android at least) does, with a small dot next to the application. But maybe that's a bridge to far haha. App works nice tho ^^

If you need more testers count me in xd always open for it