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  • 有什么想对世界说的

    Hey, I’m Charlotte from Germany. I’m 15 years old. My god, I don’t know what I should write... Ähm. I’m here,’cause I want to get acquainted with more people all over the world. I met an Indian girl and it was so funny and interesting to spend time with her, I want more experiences like these🙂
    Since 9 years I learn English, since 3 years French.
    Everbody who is interested in a friendship (it sounds weird...) can charge something to me!

  • 我对其他文化的兴趣

    I LOVE traveling. It’s like „I don’t know, how long i‘ll live, why I should wait for someday? I do it now!“ but unfortunately I can’t, because of my parents. Other cultures allure me... I want to see as much as i can. I want to meet as much people as I can. Right now.

  • 我曾去过的国家和城市

    The most amazing place I ever visited is iceland. Beautiful landscapes and dangerous atmosphere. My absolutely favourite city is London. I’m under London’s spell! One day, I want to live there. It‘s like I‘m belong to it... it‘s a very weird feeling.

  • 我是……的专家

    Oh puh, Skills? Hm, well, In any case, I‘m not an expert in find abilities of me.

  • 最喜欢的书籍/作者/电影

    I’m a huge televisual-owl (how my grandma would describe me here in Germany). My favourite movie today is “me before you”. But i’m a real Nerd. Game of Thrones, Lord of the rings, Harry Potter ( when I was 12 I began to write a new Harry Potter book “Harry Potter and the year of vampires”) or Marvel- I watch it. My favourite Tv show is Scrubs, my brother showed it me when I was 2. I watched Modern Family (its amazing), Stranger Things, Rick & Morty, a Series of unfortunate events, New Girl, The Royales, Shameless... much, much more... 13 Reasons why, House, Monk, Sherlock, but also RuPauls Drag Race and Meteor Garden.

    I also like books. Currently I read many medicine books. Anyway I don’t find very good novels... 🙁

  • 在国外居住一年

    That’s even my plan, maybe in 10th grade I absolve a year in the USA. Why? I think it would be amazing to be in an highschool. And I don’t want to miss the chance.

    Or (when America doesn’t work): HOGWARTS.

  • 个人技能

    Äh... special skills?
    I‘m a good actor (my dad is director), my art teacher says I‘m an artist of surrealism, for my friends I‘m like a therapist (everbody in my family is something with psychology, sometimes it’s quite annoying!) - so my skills are more creative. But i‘m Very interested in science. Especially astronomy, biology and (even when I‘m a bit slow at it) chemistry.
    I just recognised, that I like baking and cooking. I do not say, that it’s delicious (it’s absolutely not)- but I don’t have to be good in it - to like it.

  • 童年的欢乐

    Hm... well, i‘m Still a child, so it’s difficult to ponder. Probably the time in kindergarten: daily lie in.

  • 我最近学会了……

    Ähm, Right now I learned: don’t leave the chocolate ice cream standing! Even when you are to lazy for stand up! It’s disgusting when it’s liquid.

  • 10年后

    Well, In 10 years, I’ll be 25. So I will be in the middle of the medicine studies, maybe in London or Switzerland. Probably I share a flat with my best friend. I go regularly to CrossFit, have many hobbies and I’m thoroughly self-paced.
    So exactly the opposite of now. ...

  • 我对……感到兴奋

    I’m impressed about archery like in Hungergames. And a few days ago I began to juggle. Oh! And I began to dive. In summer I’ll do my diver certification. My parents planned already, that we’ll visit the Indian Ocean for diving. Yeah, i’m So happy about it, quite impressed.

  • 没有障碍的事业

    I want to became surgeon- but i will specialize in research. Instead of help just one human per day, I want to help many people. And my biggest dream is visiting ISS ... as a doctor.

    So favourite job:
    Surgical Scientist in space

  • 个人挑战

    Hm... ever? I don’t know, but today? - every text, which I wrote first in german, translate in English. I was to stupid for do it immediately...

  • 我最骄傲的成就

    Even when it’s unusual:
    My biggest achievement is becoming student in my school. It’s a special grammar school, which is specialised in Science and technology. You have to do a test for visit school. So I’m sooo happy for get the special knowledge, which I need for getting the job which I want.

  • 我总是喜欢谈论……

    I talk about everything. About movies, the day, feelings, dreams, weird experiences, thoughts, philosophic questions, irrelevant things and ... yeah... much more.

  • 我的与众不同之处

    Is it unusual that nothing amazing about me comes in my mind?

  • 过去更好

    Oh yeah, that’s a reason why I want to have a correspondence with a pen friend- with paper! Without a phone, a computer or something where you forget the real world.

    Nobody talks to each other, in the past it was different... it was better.

  • 我对未来的感想

    I’m a little bit scared, will I reach my goals? Will I be disappointed?
    So the only chance to answer my questions is waiting.

    So maybe not optimistic, more excited.