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  • 我曾去过的国家和城市

    Je suis Chinoise. J'ai été en Russie, c'est le seul pays que je suis jamais allé. Je voudrais visiter la France et Japonais,

  • 我最骄傲的成就

    Rien de spécial.

  • 我对其他文化的兴趣

    Littérature, Nourriture, Religion, Sciences humaines etc.

  • 我是……的专家

    Je suis une vendeuse sur amazon.

  • 个人挑战

    L'écriture et étudier.

  • 最喜欢的书籍/作者/电影

    J'aime beaucoup Rohmer et son films, Dostoïevski et son livres.

  • 在国外居住一年

    France ou Japonais.

  • 我总是喜欢谈论……

    La vie et la monde.

  • 让世界变得更美好

    Etre gentil.

  • 个人技能


  • 童年的欢乐

    Beaucoup de choses, tous les jeux sont interessants.

  • 我最近学会了……


  • 10年后

    Je sais pas.

  • 我对……感到兴奋


  • 有什么想对世界说的

    Hi everyone here, I'm Isabelle, a Chinese girl. I speak Mandarin, Cantonese, English, French, and Japanese. I like reading, watching movies and learn other languages.

  • 我的与众不同之处


  • 过去更好

    de tout son cœur

  • 现在更好

    We are more open to relationships between men and women, lovers can live together before marriage, we don't need to work for the next generation, we only need to work for our own life.

  • 我希望人们知道更多,关于……

    If I am going to make friends with someone, I think respect is the most important thing.

  • 作为一个孩子,我希望……

    I am not sure. I would still fall in love with someone, I would still think a lot and I would still grow up. Nothing will change.

  • 没有障碍的事业

    I told a friend that I want to be a teacher, cause I may not have my own children, and I really want to tell them, what's world, what's life, and understand them again.

  • 父母和我

    I can find many things in me that are similar to my parents, the difference is hard to tell, cause I think people have the same categories, we just do not show them all.

  • 我对未来的感想

    No, life will become harder and harder.

  • 我对人性的看法

    I think the human is born to be selfish. It may not be a good word, just like the good insect and the bad insect, if we want to live, we have to do something, we have to eat, who would care the food belongs to whom.

  • 我感到担心……

    Everything. Love is fake, food has no taste, the air is bad, the house is expensive.

  • 一个诀窍或建议

    Rien, if I could save the world, the only thing I could do is be Thanos.

  • 生命中的遗憾

    Yes, I should not fall in love with a friend, we could be good friends, but after that, we would never contact each other.

  • 完善学校制度

    Teach them how to express their feelings, their imagination, the world they see, the question they want to ask, how to find the answer, how to keep curious.

  • 高估或低估

    Nature and human being.