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  • 有什么想对世界说的

    I‘m Julia and I like reading, singing and laughing! 😊
    I‘m searching for a penpal my age and it would be nice if it‘s someone from Canada because I want to live there in some years and it would be amazing to have some friends there.
    But I would also like to chat and know more about all the different cultures that exsists!
    You can talk with me about everything! I think I‘m a good listener and it‘s always interesting for me to hear your stories! 🙃

  • 我对……感到兴奋

    I really love to paint my nails and I think it‘s amazing what you can create on this small surface! It can reflect your personality too.. if you think about the colors someone uses.. and not to forget that nail art is like tiny real art that you can take with you wherever you go. ❤️💅🏼